Suburi flashmob — April 4th 11am — please share and join!

Lets come together on saturday, april the 4th at 11am, each one at his favorite place by doing 500 suburi! Please join and spread! If you like, send a Photo or short video to us from your choosen place and action, or leave a posting on the event page on fb!  You just do the suburi you like, 500 shomen uchi, 500 kesa giri, some mix of your favourit ones … or may be you would like to try this:

50 Shomen-uchi
50 Shomen-uchi-komi
50 Kiri-gaeshi
50 Chi-giri
50 Kesa-geri
50 Gyaku-kesa
50 Kiri-age / Kesa-giri
50 Kiri-age / Gyaku-kesa
50 Kasumi / Kurai-dachi

Have fun and stay connected!

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